Do you find yourself resisting change out of fear of the unknown? If so, you’re not alone. Change is inevitable, and it can be stressful. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance. The end result of stress, however, is discomfort and anxiety.

Whether you chose change, or change chose you, any situation that puts high demands on you and forces you to adjust can be stressful. Have you had any changes like these in your life lately?:

  • moving
  • switching jobs
  • getting divorced

If you have, you know firsthand that these are all stressors. Even a positive change, such as a promotion at work or entering a new relationship, can cause stress!

Learning how to prepare for, deal with, and embrace change is beneficial to all of us. There are several ways to move into change gracefully, whether it be changing countries, relationships, jobs or ageing. Join me as I discuss those graceful steps, and how to implement them in your life.


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