Improve your relationships
with the people who matter most – including your Self

Improve your relationships with the people who matter most – including your Self


When You’re Ready to Build a Better You

I use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach in my counseling. IFS emphasizes improving the relationships we have with ourselves and our loved ones to increase our confidence and trust in our life choices, and to become more comfortable in our own skin.

As a marriage and family therapist licensed in the United States, I counsel English-speaking individuals and couples.

I specialize in treating individuals and couples who:

  • Experience anxiety, depression, and/or stress
  • Feel stuck in their lives because of choices they’ve made
  • Want to bring in harmony and restore calm and balance to their lives and relationships
  • Want to create real intimacy and connection with their partner

Providing Counseling Services to the International Community

I am an English-speaking therapist based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can make an appointment with me via my Contact page.

I also offer online therapy sessions for individuals and couples who live or travel abroad. You can learn more about these sessions here.

When I moved to Stockholm over 10 years ago, I realized there was a real need for English-speaking therapists. Stockholm has a thriving international community because so many people move to here for work or for love.

I know from personal experience just how hard it can be to adjust to a new culture! In my therapeutic practice I’ve also seen how anxiety, depression, and unhappy relationships show up no matter where you live.

It can be hard to discuss your feelings and troubles in another language, no matter how fluent you are. It’s so much easier to share your innermost secrets with someone who speaks English just like you.