Pricing: 55 minutes $155

Is Online Therapy right for you?

Is Online Therapy
right for you?

When it comes to therapy, would you prefer to meet with someone from the comfort of your own home? Have you been unable to find the right therapist for you in your area? Do you struggle to fit therapy into your already hectic work and travel schedule? You’re not alone.

  • More and more people of all ages have been investing in themselves by exploring the benefits of online therapy.
  • Current research on younger people’s experience with online counseling found evidence of positive relationships between the clients and their therapist.
  • When you choose online therapy, you’ll work directly with a licensed professional who has the training and experience to work with you on your issues.

Why work with me?

  • I have over 25 years of experience with individuals and couples, and I’ve worked online with many of my clients during the past 4 years.
  • Many of my clients in bicultural relationships experience difficulties related to culture shock and miscommunication.
  • I bring my 15 years of experience living and working in a different culture to the table when we work together.
  • As a licensed independent clinical counselor — as well as a licensed marriage and family counselor — I never stop learning.
  • I am fully transparent in my knowledge and expertise. Get to know a bit about me, and my process!
  • Listen to my podcast or read my blog for some insight into how I work, and how I’ll work with you.

The Benefits of an independent counselor

  • When you work with me, you’re not just a name in a queue getting matched with the first available counselor.
  • As an independent counselor, I strive for a transparent relationship where we get to know each other exactly as we would in an office setting.
  • I want you to think of it the same way. Online therapy is accessible, convenient, and accountable — every bit as much as traditional therapy.
  • I show up 100% engaged with you, and with your struggles

Security and Privacy, guaranteed

  • Your online security is assured with the state-of-the-art encrypted video conferencing platform.
  • Confidentiality and ethics policies are strictly followed.
  • When emailing, you will need to take the necessary steps on your end to ensure confidentiality.
  • Please make sure you are in a private place when we meet.

DisclaimerIn accordance with the law, I am obligated to seek contact and assistance if you report information that suggests you are a danger to yourself or another. Otherwise, everything we say stays between us — even the fact that we are meeting.


I cannot recommend enough the virtual sessions with Beth. I travel a lot and at times have lived abroad. Utilizing the virtual sessions helped me stay connected with my on-going therapy, regardless of where I was in the world. Beth has always been able to find a time to work with me despite the time difference. It was a great relief to know that I was able to continue my sessions with her and very easily online!” — B

Video conferencing with Dr. Rogerson is effective and convenient. When traveling we can meet from anywhere in the world and if I am ill or have an ill family member, I am able to meet her from home. This removes figuring out the logistics of getting to an appointment, rescheduling, or being late to an appointment. I highly recommend video conferencing with Dr. Rogerson, it’s great if you have a busy schedule.” — O

I was really amazed at how well the video conferencing worked, especially since I am a person that really appreciates in person meetings. However, it really felt like Beth was sitting right in front of me and the quality of our session was not compromised at all. I am happy to know that I can do this with her again in the future since I am always on the go!” — T

When working with a professional counselor online in a virtual office there is confidentiality in communications. However, there are limits to this confidentiality.

Confidentiality is broken if specific circumstances exist:

  • When the client’s life is in danger or the client threatens to harm someone else then the clients rights around confidentiality are no longer considered.
  • If a court issues a subpoena it is possible that confidentiality will be broken in some manner. Most therapists try to keep as much information confidential as possible when answering a subpoena.
  • In the case of abuse therapists often break confidentiality in order to protect the client or the victim.

Pricing: 60 minutes $175