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For today’s podcast I interviewed Richard Miller, PhD, the creator of the Integrative Restoration (iRest) meditation protocol. iRest is a modern adaptation of the ancient meditation practice called Yoga Nidra. iRest is successfully used to treat the effects of trauma and depression in many settings, including VA hospitals and military bases.

Richard Miller was leading a week-long meditation retreat at the Yoga Association of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and I knew I had to go. I’d been listening to his guided meditations for a couple of years now and felt the profound effects of iRest/ Yoga Nidra on my own well-being.

Richard Miller is a funny yet serious guy, passionate about his work. He exudes all the calm you would expect after 45 years of daily meditation. Join me now to meet this psychologist, teacher, father, husband, ordinary person, synthesizer, and innovator of iRest.


Like me, Richard wants to put the tools of healing, back into your hands. His newest book, The iRest Program for Healing PTSD, teachers in bite-sized portions the iRest healing practice that will change your life. It is a real gem.


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