This week, I’m focusing on the arch enemy of Self care: burnout.

Burnout is that feeling that follows being tired, sick, or worn out. Our threshold for coping is much lower. You may find you feel more emotional and more bothered by people and life events, so you find you cannot perform at your best.

If you ignore the signs, your body will tell you even louder by showing up with physical health problems. Have you ever had back pain, headaches, or persistent fatigue? Those are all indicators of burnout.

In this podcast, you’ll not only learn to identify the five signs of burnout, but also five key steps to preventing the exhaustion that can lead to it.

At the end of the podcast, I’ll give you some specific Self Care Strategies to help you examine what behavior changes and different ways of thinking you can incorporate into your daily routines.

Remember, Self care is not selfish and you are in charge of your own Self care. No one can do it as well as you!


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