being decisive

Why are some people so good at making decisions, while others struggle? I explore the topic of being decisive today with one of my more decisive friends, Jenn.

Every one of us has to make decisions every day, and some decisions are more difficult than others. What makes decisions easier to make is knowing when you’re in Clarity.

  • When you don’t feel clear about a decision, you feel confused, anxious, worried, scared, or annoyed
  • But when you do feel that Clarity about making a decision, you’re one step away from making that decision
  • Remember: not making a decision is also making a decision!

What can Internal Family Systems tell us about making decisions?

  • Clarity is one of the eight Self qualities that you already have inside you
  • Everyone has felt Clarity at some point in their lives, and remembering that feeling can help you get closer to it
  • Feeling confusion means you have a lot of parts up about a decision, and you need the natural leadership of Self to find out what everyone needs

When you listen to the podcast, you’ll learn about a technique I call The Meeting Place to help your Self and parts make a decision. I encourage even decisive people like Jenn to try out this technique so you make sure that decisions aren’t made only by an analytical part of you.



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