For Day 4 of the Build a Better You calendar, we’re going to talk about giving.



‘Tis better to give than to receive

You might have trouble convincing young children that it’s better to give than to receive! But really, this is quite true. We feel happier when we give someone something. Their happiness triggers ours.

Giving creates a feedback loop of happiness in your life.

Christmas is about giving, although it can be hard to stay in that spirit when the shops, television, and Facebook are pummeling you with ads.

Don’t make the mistake those marketers make. They think buying is the same thing as giving. That marketing thinking can cause side effects like emotional fatigue. Also, wallet fatigue.

Let’s talk about giving meaningfully

There are simple things you can give another human being that can feel as good, if not better, than material goods.

Instead, try giving someone one of the 4 best gifts someone can give or receive:

  1. A heartfelt compliment
  2. Your time, spent listening, laughing, empathizing, or building a new Lego set
  3. Help with reaching one of their personal goals
  4. Indian food, instead of Thai, because even though you really love Thai food, they like Indian better

It really can be as simple as that.

Be intentional with your giving

You probably already give these gifts to your loved ones on a regular basis. For the holiday season let’s practice doing this intentionally.

Your time and your love are gifts more precious than any package you could give someone, no matter how nicely wrapped it is.

What will you do for your partner, friend, or family member today? I need to go find the menu for the Indian restaurant. My husband will be thrilled.