When I talk about Self qualities, one question always comes up around Confidence: is self confidence a fixed trait, or can you get more of it? The good news is, whether your self confidence is low or just blocked, there’s a very simple way to get more of it in your life. You just need to listen to your inner cheerleader.

Think of your inner cheerleader as your #1 fan within you, eager to root for you and remind you of your strengths and accomplishments. We’re all familiar with our inner critic and undermining parts, but they aren’t the only parts inside of us – sometimes, they’re just the loudest. So this week, I want to focus on a few strategies to give your inner cheerleader a megaphone.

While we didn’t inherit our Self confidence from our parents, like our hair color or spring allergies, our confidence was influenced by those who took care of us as children. If as a child you were criticized or told you were not good enough, there is a good chance you may look confident but not feel it. Or possibly you don’t feel it or look it! Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a permanent situation.

We gain self confidence as we gain knowledge about ourselves. So, set out on a quest to learn more about yourself. You are deeper than you realize. Don’t stop learning.

I want you to get a better view of yourself and bring forth the confidence that is a natural part of who you are. Confidence is a place you stand and view yourself. Sometimes, a jolt or push is all we need to guide us to a new view. Hopefully this week’s podcast will nudge you into a different perspective of you.

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