cultivate Self

Can you get more Self? The short answer is: yes!

The longer answer is the subject of my podcast, of course.

Last week, I attended a virtual book launch for Jay Earley PhD’s new book, Self-Therapy Volume 3. If you don’t know Jay, you will soon – I’ll be interviewing him for an upcoming podcast about his book and history of working with clients using IFS. Stay tuned for that! He’ll also tell us more about Self-Therapy Vol. 3 but if you just can’t wait, visit this link to learn more about Jay’s work.

Update: listen to Jay’s podcast here.

Jay led us through a meditation session, and thanks to that, I acknowledged some parts of myself that I hadn’t noticed before.

Afterward, some other attendees and I got to talking about whether or not you can cultivate more Self.

Sometimes Self is blocked by large parts that feel overwhelming! So how do we get more Self in our systems? Self energy is so wonderful – calm and creative. And all of the other qualities. Who wouldn’t want to get more of it?

So join me on the Therapy Spot this week as we spend some time talking about your larger Self and how to get more of that “Self energy.” I know it will make your life better! As Richard Schwartz, innovator of IFS, once said to me, “As long as you stay with Self, your life will unfold as it needs.”

The podcast wraps up with a mini-meditation. As long as you’re not driving, please join me in calming your busy mind. This will help you cultivate Self.



Self-Therapy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wholeness, and Healing Your Inner Child, Using Internal Family Systems (IFS), A Cutting-Edge Psychotherapy by Jay Earley, PhD

Inner Harmony: Putting Your Self Back in Charge by Beth Rogerson, PhD

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