Are you being your own best friend? This week, I talked to Self care champion Ellen Bard about the process of Self discovery, and how listening to the voice inside your head is just the beginning of a better, more tailored approach to Self care.

Ellen Bard is an organizational/work psychologist who consults for large organizations when she’s not blogging about Self care. Originally from the UK, Ellen now lives in Thailand.

Ellen says the mental chatter we call “self-talk” comes from a combination of people and experiences in our lives, and it can be helpful or harmful. Note the use of the lower-case s when I write self there!

It is critical to “tune in” frequently and use that voice as a source of support. Be Curious about what it’s telling you. What can you learn about your own emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs? By tuning in, we create a place of stillness where we can recognize, take responsibility for, and ultimately meet those individual needs.

Tuning in will also help you assess the kind of Self care that’s right for you. Self care is not one size fits all. Instead it’s a tailored process, and everyone’s measurements will be slightly different. The better you know yourself, the easier it will be.

When you listen to this podcast, you’ll learn the 3 main ingredients that make up the framework of Self care. The recipe, however, will be something that comes from within.