what your body wish you knew


We can learn so much from our bodies, not just our brains! The body is not a tacked on afterthought to the mind. Our bodies are capable of great intuition and, if we listen to our body carefully, we can gain great insights into our feelings and our interactions with the world around us.

If you start to listen closely to your body you can tap into it as a resource when you have something to solve. There is academic research that suggests our posture, our expression affects our mind and our mood.

This can be referred to as embodied cognition – where the body physically knows something. We need to listen to our body, to connect the mind with what the body is telling us.

What I hope you’ll takeaway from this week’s episode is a real appreciation for the science behind understanding our body’s role in cognition, and learning the 6 steps for tapping into your body’s wisdom. Explore the sensations, feelings you have physically. What is your body telling you ? What insight is it giving you into the things you are experiencing?

I also mentioned you can download a free, guided meditation to get to know a triggered part. This meditation can help you interpret knowledge from your body in a calm, aware, and safe space.

Resources from this week’s podcast

I reference some books and articles in this podcast that may be of help to you.



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