how to be happier

You can learn how to be happier! My new ebook 9 Days to a Happier You is now available in my store! It’s all about you making empowered changes to your inner world.

This book is for you if:

  • Life feels lacking, stale, or like a dull grind
  • You want to know how to be happier, but you don’t know where to start
  • You feel out of tune or out of balance with your Self
  • You just need a quick injection of joy into your life!

We all need a little bit of a refresh from time to time. Like one of my clients, Marla.

Marla recently moved into a beautiful apartment with white crown molding, Corinthian columns and bay windows. Unfortunately, her furniture didn’t fit in with the aesthetic of her new apartment. Instead of running off to Ikea, Marla realized with a little creativity and DIY spirit, she could update all her furniture, even her 1970’s era desk.

With some fresh white paint and beautiful high-end knobs, the desk went from out of date to elegant.

Sometimes we just need a fresh coat of paint in our internal world

Breathing new life into things isn’t limited to your home or your style. This also includes the internal you! You don’t necessarily need an expert to come in and make assessments and quotes. Sometimes you just need a little bit of a refresh to see yourself with new eyes!

The good news is that this doesn’t always mean you need intense therapy sessions. Just like Marla didn’t need to plead her case to a home decoration show or max out her credit card for new furniture.

My new ebook 9 Days to a Happier You is the DIY of an internal makeover. Because believe it or not, you have an internal space that you’ve decorated with thoughts, ideas, moods and behaviors.

Fall back in love with your life

9 Days to a Happier You teaches you new ways to think, appreciate, love, and experience your inner and outer worlds.

After all, isn’t it time you updated your desk?


  • How practicing gratitude makes you happier
  • Why you should always say yes to ice cream time
  • BONUS CHAPTER: How to create the reality you want

The other benefit? 9 days is a tad over a week. That’s 1/52 of your year. The daily exercises aren’t time-consuming or emotionally taxing. They are empowering and meant to lift you up. It’s the little guide to how to be happier, without revisiting painful childhood memories.

Don’t wait. Learn how to be happier!

So why not take 9 days to become a happier you? Life is a constant evolution of events. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint dramatically shifts things.

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