Do you feel trapped? Hemmed in? Driven into a corner?

Often, fear goes hand in hand with that feeling of being trapped. Sometimes we may even notice the fear in the form of anxiety and panic before we realize we are trapped and unhappy.

The trap can shrink around us as we look for a solution or an exit strategy, only to be met with more fear and worry of a bad outcome. Before we know it, we have created a box for ourselves in an attempt to keep things calm or “safe.” The trapped feeling gets worse as we wander inside the edges of an ever-shrinking box.

You cannot escape the trap by avoiding your fear. Only when you meet your fears and address them can you break out of the trap and move on to courage. Listen as I discuss the three steps to escaping the trap of fear and leaping with courage.

Even if you find yourself shaking in your shoes, this is the year to leap with courage into the future. What’s next might just be the best thing for you to have in your life.

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Leap of Faith” by Flickr user Ray Dumas is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.