daydream bench

Did your New Year’s resolution sound like this?

  • “I should eat healthier.”
  • “I should exercise more.”

Should is no good! Should comes from outside of you, so this year, let’s leave it behind. Instead, I want to focus on setting intentions.

Often, resolutions and goals don’t stick because we don’t acknowledge where they come from. Intentions grow from the inside out as we listen to our Self and follow our emotions. For me, this always begins with daydreaming. Listen as I walk you through a daydreaming exercise to help you identify what feelings you want more of, and ground you in those feelings.

In this podcast, I’ll discuss:

  • How to practice listening to that side of your Self
  • Prompts to help guide you to find what you truly want
  • The four major parts that create the steps to get you that skill, craft, or lifestyle change you’ve been dreaming of

Dreaming takes courage, but those dreams can guide us and the choices in our lives.

Day Dream Bench (color)” by Flickr user Dave Gingrich is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.