Life Balance and Harmony With IFS and Mindfulness Meditation

This week’s podcast brings together meditation and one of my favorite topics: Internal Family Systems. IFS as I call it works well on its own, but when you add meditation it’s so much more effective in reducing depression, anxiety, and fear.

Just to recap, my last couple of podcasts have been about meditation.

First we examined what meditation is. Many of the people who refuse to meditate don’t know what it is they’re rejecting. That podcast goes into more detail, but we can sum up by saying mindfulness meditation simply gives you many different ways of detaching from the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that can trap you. As you detach you come to a place of ease and peace and that you can carry it into your everyday life.

In last week’s podcast I interviewed Richard Miller PhD, the man who developed iRest Yoga Nidra, the first meditation practice I ever really “got.” It was so easy and so relaxing that I’ve been sharing it with my clients ever since.

This week we will see how looking at our inner world as a family of different parts of ourself will fit so well with beginning mindfulness meditation techniques.

At the end of this podcast I will lead you in a guided meditation of getting to know one of your strong parts inside you, better.

So if you are on the treadmill or driving a car save this guided meditation for later!

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