Jenn MathesonThis week’s podcast comes with a trigger warning for discussion of trauma and death.

Mindfulness meditation can save your life. It certainly saved Jenn Matheson’s.

After a birthday cruise in 2009, licensed IFS therapist Jenn fell ill with a case of pneumonia that swiftly progressed into acute respiratory failure, leaving her in a coma for six weeks.

When she finally awoke, she was unable to move, speak, or even breathe without the aid of a respirator. Jenn now describes that time in in the hospital as “intensive, on-the-job training” in mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation played a huge role in Jenn’s recovery. When fears about the future would consume her, she would focus on staying grounded in the present moment. This practice carried her as she regained her ability to move and continued with massage, physical, and IFS therapies.

Jenn did more than just survived. She thrived thanks to the love and support from her family and loved ones. Even when she would start to lose hope, she would feel her family carry it on for her.

In the seven years since her ordeal, Jenn has spoken with both her care providers and her loved ones about the ways in which these events influenced their lives.

Now Jenn is fully recovered and living life to the fullest. Although she had been highly driven before, Jenn understands now that what she really desired out of life was happiness, calm, and reflection.

Listen with me as Jenn shares her story of survival and healing, and how this traumatic experience inspired her to set intentions to live the life she truly wanted.