Happy 2017, everybody! Now that the holiday hubbub has died down, it’s time to put away the decorations and think about what’s ahead. Maybe you were thinking about some New Year’s resolutions.

new year's resolutions

What do you want most out of this year? Maybe you’ve thought:

  • I’d like to travel more
  • I want to get my scuba license
  • I’m going back to school to finish my degree
  • I want to go skydiving

No matter what you want to do with this brand new year, there’s one thing I want you to not do.

Whatever you do, don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

“Should” is no good. That’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t work!

Have you ever resolved to be more active or join a book club, only to see it fizzle before February? You’re not alone. Resolutions don’t work! That’s because most New Year’s resolutions come from a place of “should.” When it comes to “should,” we don’t feel our way into it — we think our way into it. “Shoulds” are really just judgements in disguise, and they’re aren’t truly connected to our heart’s desire.

Instead of making a resolution, I encourage you to try something new: setting intentions.

Between a wish and a goal

I like to say that intentions are somewhere between a goal — what we call resolutions during the rest of the year — and a wish. Unlike New Year’s resolutions, intentions grow from the inside out when you take the time to listen to yourself. When you feel your way towards an intention, the spark will ignite and inspire you to start on your journey to a better you.

Set your intentions, change your life!

Last year, I created a worksheet to help people set their intentions. I’m bringing it back for all of you now, so you can create lasting change for yourself in 2017. Ditch the resolutions and download the worksheet here to get started.

Get Your Free Worksheet

Happy New Year!

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