pam krause

Can you use IFS approaches with your kids? Yes! (And it’s good for you when you do!)

This week on the Therapy Spot, I spoke with Pamela Krause, MSW, LCSW. Pam is an IFS Senior Lead Trainer and is also trained in mindfulness-centered Hakomi therapy. In her private practice, she works with children, adolescents, and adults. Pam is known for her lively yet compassionate approach to therapy, so it’s only natural that her subspecialty is in adapting the IFS model for use with younger children.

If you and your child have a polarized relationship, I urge you to listen to what Pam has to say about how both of you can use the IFS lens as a way to navigate difficult times. She shares her thoughts on such issues as:

  • How can we approach extreme behaviors in our children and find a win-win solution?
  • What is it that children do to trigger their parents? How can a parent best respond to being triggered in this way?
  • What are “firefighters” in Internal Family Systems language, and what does this look like when it shows up in our children?  
  • As parents, how can we feel calm and stay connected when our children are blended with a firefighter part?

Pam believes that a secure therapeutic relationship is what allows clients to shift their awareness inside, where they can then witness and unburden their wounded parts. Since IFS is helpful at all stages of life, this podcast for everyone, not just for parents of young children or teens. You may even use Pam’s insights as a way to better relate to your own wounded child parts. So join us as we explore ways to cultivate more Self energy and develop a respectful, compassionate approach towards our children.