Hello and welcome back to the Therapy Spot! This week, I want to spend some time discussing something important that we often overlook: Self care.

With everything else going on in our lives, Self care is a balancing act. When we prioritize taking care of others and completing tasks, we tend to lose sight of ourselves. As a result, we feel less excited, less connected to others, and “checked out” of our lives. Add on travel, time zone changes, colds, and deadlines, and suddenly you find yourself stranded in the “No Self Zone.”

It can happen to all of us. Yes — even me! So what does it look like when you miss those regular meetings with your Self? Warning signs include:

  • Feeling “too busy”
  • A lack of free time to reflect
  • Fighting with your partner
  • Longing for more connection with those you love
  • Getting stuck in an extreme part of yourself (procrastination, perfectionism, irritability, and so forth)

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. A few simple exercises can get you back on the path of Self.

The Right Track

What do I mean when I say “the path of Self”? I want you to think of Self as a path, and your parts as scenery. When you spend quality time with yourself, you begin to understand your path. You clearly see the path that fits you the best. With this road map in hand, you make choices connected to your Self.

Remember, when it comes to Self care, quality beats quantity every time. The quality of intention and awareness you give towards yourself enriches you and supports you in feeling satisfied and connected.

Do you need some guidance in talking to your parts? I encourage you to check out my workbook, Be the One to Heal Yourself. I wrote the workbook to help anybody starting their journey to real, lasting change.

If you have a question you’d like me to address in a future podcast, please reach out! Get in touch at betterrelate@gmail.com, and let’s get more connected in 2017.

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Start of the Steep Trail,” by Flickr user Dan Cook, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.