From the Disney movies of our youth to the romantic comedies of adulthood, we see the same kind of happy endings: we fall in love, and it all works out. But what nobody ever told us was that falling in love is just the beginning. We do a lot of “on the job” learning when it comes to the skills we need to be adults in intimate relationships.

Last week I talked about how insecure attachments formed in our childhood years can show up in adult romantic relationships.

This week, I talk about:

  • The times we feel unloved in our adult relationships
  • The 5 ways you may be blocking yourself from feeling and giving love

When we’re blocked in our relationships, we lose our chance to truly connect and feel the love in our hearts. It’s important to ask ourselves questions when we feel blocked, such as:

  • How are you blocking yourself, in your own heart, from feeling and giving love?
  • If you don’t feel loved by your partner, how are you showing up in loving your partner?
  • Love is a verb. So how are you loving?
  • Are you being the change you want to see in your relationship? <-The most important question of all!

When you apply some of these thoughts to yourself, you will be able to live your life mindfully, show up as your loving Self, and have access to the love that is there waiting for you.

The road ends….Uhh no it doesn’t” by Flickr user Nicholas Canup is licensed under CC-BY 2.0.