dick_headshotWelcome back to the Therapy Spot! Recently, I realized that I’ve been doing podcasts for almost a year and a half. New listeners join me every day, which is why I decided to reissue my very first episode of the Therapy Spot. In addition to a crash course in IFS, I interviewed Richard Schwartz, the founder of the IFS model. Whether you’ve been listening since day one, or today is your first time, this week’s podcast is for you.

Back to Basics

I want you to think of this podcast as “IFS 101.” What are those voices in your head saying right now? From triggered parts to Self energy, this is an overview of the IFS lens and how it can help you help yourself. IFS allows you to meet yourself in a way that is respectful and gentle. When we connect authentically to ourselves, we bring healing to our hurting parts. Do you want to feel better in yourself, and in your interactions with the important people in your life? Come along and listen in.

“I feel like one of the lucky people”

In addition to being the wind beneath my podcast wings, so to speak, Richard Schwartz has a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy. Through work with his clients, he founded the Internal Family Systems — or IFS — lens. During our interview, he shares many of his insights into this model.

  • How do you see people use IFS to get comfortable in their own skin?
  • When a part blocks you from Self energy, how do you proceed?
  • How do you use the IFS lens in your own day to day life?
  • What is your vision for the future of IFS?

We can all benefit from taking a non violent, caring approach to ourselves. Remember, you can lead your parts, and not be led by them. The leader is inside you!

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