Self Compassion

It’s February, and love is in the air! I’m not just talking about love for your partner, your parents, your friends, and your children. I’m talking about love for yourself. And you’re in luck: February is the month for your Self Compassion check up.

Recently, I’ve spoken with Ellen Bard on the topic of Self care, and Derek Scott on selfishness vs. Self love.  Do you have a strong negative reaction to the idea of self love? Does it just sound strange? If so, you might be struggling with a form of Old Think that says, Self Compassion is just a fancy word for Self Pity – and pity is never good for anyone.

New Think, however, says:

  • Self Compassion creates happy people and adds to emotional intelligence
  • The love you direct towards others in your life does not lose its shine and value when you change its direction
  • Caring about yourself is the ultimate love, because it enables you to be there for others, too

Bringing Compassion to your inner world

Leading with a critic part is often an automatic response to a disappointment, while our ability to respond to those disappointed feelings with support and caring remains underdeveloped.

With Compassion in your system, you feel loving and connected to who you are. You will feel the loving kindness of Compassion flowing towards you any time it is needed. Who wouldn’t want more of that?

In this podcast, I’ll discuss:

  • the science of Self Compassion
  • a mantra to ignite compassion in your brain
  • what to do when Self Compassion doesn’t come naturally
  • how to practice being your own best friend

Remember: for you, this may be a new learning and way of thinking. It may feel awkward and even fake at times, but no one can be perfect when they start something new. Let’s just begin the practice of Self Compassion by beginning. Today is the day!

Image credit:

Love yourself” by Flickr user Quinn Dombrowski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.