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If you have ever said, “I just can’t meditate,” this is the podcast for you.

I used to come from the same place. Meditation seemed impossible. And now I like meditation so much that I’m off to my first weekend retreat where you have to meditate in silence.* What a 180.

If you’ve ever had trouble sticking to an exercise regimen, you’ve heard that having a workout buddy can help you keep with it. Meditation is the same way! The meditation equivalent of a workout buddy is guided meditation.

My comparison to exercise is purposeful. Meditation is just as good for you as exercise.

Learn more in this episode of The Therapy Spot.

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During the show I mention a Huffington Post article describing the mental and physical health benefits of meditation. You can read more about that here.

*The type of meditation retreat I am going on is an iRest, or Yoga Nidra, retreat with Richard Miller himself. You can download iRest guided meditations on Amazon, or on the iRest website.