I’ve started a new venture called IFS Deep Learning. It’s a website designed to provide a range of informative, supportive and training products designed to help you using the Internal Family Systems Model and the Intimacy from the Inside Out Model.

The first product to launch was The Love Kit – a three part series of sessions with myself, Susan Mason, LCSW and Roberta Omin, LCSW held in December.

These sessions were given live but we’ve since made them available to everyone, along with the handouts.

These three 75-min videos are designed to help you:

  • Meet your inner world of sub-personalities and how that impacts your relationship through the lens of Internal Family System
  • Re-establish a deeper connection with yourself so you can speak for your needs in your relationship
  • Speak with your partner in ways so that you are heard.

Watch the 5 minute sampler or visit ifsdeeplearning.com to learn more about The Love Kit.