We know all about timeouts for little kids, right? Timeout are good for adults too! Take a timeout to step out of your emotional overload. A timeout allows you to hit “pause” on the stress, worry, sadness, or anger that are flooding your system.

We’re never our best selves when we’re flooded with emotions. A timeout gives you room to calm down and separate from your emotions. It helps us come back to the situation feeling more calm and motivation to explore possibilities.

The truth is, adults need timeouts too, sometimes. In my book Be the One to Heal Your Self: A Workbook for People Who Want Results Now, I have an entire chapter set aside to this process! Getting to know yourself and all the different parts of you is hard work and sometimes, it can be too much.

That’s why I consider Chapter 5 the Rescue Chapter. When everything becomes just too much, you need a timeout. This infographic describes the process at a high level.

timeout infographic beth rogerson

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I really believe in Self care. It seems like the rest of the internet does, too. My Pinterest and Facebook feeds are awash with discussions and articles about Self care. Does that sound like your Pinterest/Facebook/conversations with people too?

Strangely, as much as people talk about Self care, I meet fewer people who practice it as part of a routine.

Do you practice Self care as part of a routine, or do you only do it for damage control? Raise your hand if you said damage control…

…I’m not surprised to see all those hands.

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